Zlog-Approved Barracuda Aug 2, 2010

Yeah, so it’s way off-topic but whatever. Finally made it out on the boat tonight to go fishing. We headed 20 miles out, caught a beautiful King only to have a pesky Barracuda bite off half it’s tail. We brought it up on the boat, gave it a clean cut and put it on ice. Later today we caught two more Barracuda and called it a day. We threw them back because Barracuda is nasty eating.

Anyway, the Zlog tank top smells like fish blood now.

  • chris campbell

    Man, save one for me. A small barracuda like that in the smoker is tasty!

  • Alex

    Man, that same thing happened to me a couple years ago off Wrightsville. Had several small/medium kings on, and this pesky cuda kept chopping them in half about 30 yards from the boat. We finally just left the king head in the water for the cuda to munch on for a bit, set the hook super hard, and hauled the sucker in. He was about the size of a log, must have been super old. We got him all the way to the boat, and just when we were wondering what to do next he spat the hook and took off.

    Chris, I’ve always heard you have to be careful eating them because they can act as some sort of local anesthetic. Although I had a guy in the bahamas tell me that the smaller ones make a great soup. Haha.

  • true viking status

  • Anthony Hernandez


  • scissorneck

    nice……..just as I saw this pic I was watching finding nemo when the cuda was about to wreak shop on the clown fish lol…..random

  • scissorneck

    one more thing… It looks like your about to punch that fishes lights out lol….

  • fucken sickkkkkkk @rapha spot on bowery woop woop !

  • Chris

    I think the best part of this post is that you’re now labled on bikesnob not only as “fixed-gear freestyle impresario, streetwear enthusiast” but as “master angler” as well

  • So funny. Saw it on my RSS today and laughed out loud.

  • Colin

    ciguatera: that’s why you don’t eat the bigger predatory reef fish. my grandfather always reminds me about this in the V.I., and apparently certain areas around various islands have fish that are more toxic than others. I guess that’s why eating smaller ones wouldn’t be as bad, but i would rather eat a carp out of the gowanus canal than some big nasty ole ‘cuda.

  • Cuda is definably a gross fish to eat.