Keep it Wheel Aug 6, 2010

This has been floating around various Tumblrs today and they all lead back to this spot. No idea if this is the originating source (but something tells me it’s not, mostly due to the Sigil of Lucifer at the top). Anyone got any information? Totally digging this!

  • EEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING originates from rbateson!

  • brian

    looks like it came from they have it as a shirt design.



  • Joe
  • pat

    I have this printed on a shirt. I got it from burro bags. I’m not sure if they created it or not though, but they’ve had the shirts for a while.

  • True Blue

    I have a shirt with this logo on it from Burro…

  • tyler b

    i know burro bags has a shirt printed with this on it, but i’m not entirely sure if they designed the logo though

  • posi chris

    I know Burro Bags has some shirts with it on them.

  • i sent you an e-mail about this. is org source idea…although not posted on his site


  • dylan

    I know the logo has been used by Burro Bags for a while now.

    Burro is a great shop out of Jacksonville, Florida

  • John, how come you didn’t know this was a Burro original? From the same evil, twisted mind as the infamous Burro Pedal Straps. Listen dude, we’re coming to Brooklyn Friday the 13th to play a show with Japanther. You can make it up to us by coming out and spreading the word. Hail Satan!


  • I know I know I can only retain so much knowledge – hit me up I’m down even though I hate Japanther (ducks)…

  • i first saw this design on the burro bags website. love it.