Tuesday Teardown: Electric Wizard – “Return Trip” May 4, 2010

Sorry for the bit of randomness this morning. This song has been in my head for days now. If you don’t know Electric Wizard, get familiar.

The sun burns in the stranger’s eyes
Just one more tear before he dies
Black mass can’t ease the pain
There’s nothing here, there’s nothing sane

I hope your fuckin’ world, fucking burns away
I’d kill you all if I had my way
But I’ll live forever, questions curse me why
Oh lord above, why won’t you let me die

Every Tuesday, to help you get through the week, I’ll be dropping some Tuesday Teardowns in the morning!

As you were. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  • goyo

    HELL yes keep these coming!

  • pasco

    More of this please. Love dopethrone and witchcult today, but this was under the radar for me. Thanks!

  • bloodDRIVE

    fuck yeah dude, loving the electric wizard post. hey pasco you ever check out supercoven? if not deff give that album a good listen.

  • pasco

    downloading now! Thanks! I also hope that people pronounce it with the “long o” like Coven in American Movie.

  • a.torres 305deathsquad


  • Benson

    Electric Wizard is so gnarly

  • Sweet heavy riffs is what I’m all about!

  • Sean

    Fuck yeah, something to look forward to every Tuesday

  • NocTe

    A fucking great band!!!

  • I’d say: if you don’t know Electric Wizard, you’ve been wasting your life! Stoner doom at its best!