Prolly is Not Probably: Sun Ringlé & Profile Fixed Wheelset Giveaway Apr 1, 2010


I have no issues admitting when I was wrong, or when I was too quick to judge something. Yesterday I got a box from Sun Ringlé and Profile Fixed once again. This time, it had MTX 33’s in 26″. After riding around for a brief while, I’ve decided to go with 26″ wheels. I spoke to Sun and Profile and asked them if it was OK to do this and they’re fine with it. Now’s your chance to win my old wheelset (pictured above). Both wheels are 100% true and tensioned, the tires are fairly new and they’re ready to roll. All you have to do is enter the contest by:

-Take a photo of your taco’d or trashed 700c wheels.
-Post the photo in the comments.
-Make sure your photo is tagged with “width=500”.
-Winner will be picked today.

Now GO!

  • daniel

    cant post a pic cause the bike is at home with a flat I got last night and was unable to fix in time for the ride to work. Stand assured that the wheels are so dented and untrued that I get a flat virtually every three days of commuting on the piece of shit streets we have in Seattle. hook it up please!!!!

  • Speaking as one of John’s sponsors, and the guy that sent him those hubs, I am, in point of fact, fine with this.

  • Jake

    Nose pivot to full cab and snap!

  • stefan

    fine 700 frontwheel trashed by acar.

  • JD

    Seriously…april fools?

  • Craig

    Me vs. Escalade at 25 mph:

    It also snapped the fork:

    The above images were taken with my hand in a cast, so that’s why they suck.

  • TOLD YA SOOOO !!!! hahahahahaha (and yes, caps lock was totally necessary :)

  • Craig

    Also, bonus pic of the broken downtube and fork:

  • Busted wheel collection, crippling 3 complete bikes of mine, a new wheel set would be appreciated.

  • Luke Stiles

    26″? Sacrebleu!

  • dstrong

    a car turned into me and i wrapped around her sideview mirror, b/c my feet were in cages i just rammed the front of the bike into the pavement = taco.

  • dang!! I’m stuck at work for the next 7 hours, then going straight to polo where my last wheel got destroyed. bent rim, broken spokes spokes wrapped around their neighbors just so I could get back in the game. rime finally gave up the ghost.

    could really use a strong wheelset though.

    – Fatty “oneofthefewleftplayingfixedpolo” McBastard

  • julio

    lets see a pic of your new dual 26 set up prolly.

  • Xxxxxxxxxcc

    Yeah I guess it’s chill to sell out….

  • stephen

    bike vs. car

  • erkq

    This total 180 on your 26″ stance makes me a little apprehensive. I smell an April fools joke!

  • nice april fools prolls

  • Gordon

    Let’s see a pic of the new wheels!

  • Russell

    It’s true – we accidentily shipped Prolly the WRONG sized wheels. Instead of taking ’em back we’ve decided to just let him do what he pleases with them. Seeing he’s beat his set like it owes him money and they’re still going strong someone is gonna get a killer set of wheels.

    Russell @ SUNringle’

  • charles schoen

    after 2 hours of thrashing. RIP Sun Ringle Rhino Lyte

  • Word.
    I had a sneaky feeling that 26″ was going to take over. When you told me yesterday that Sun was sending you 26″ MTX’s I wasn’t surprised. Maybe you’ll finally have a wheelset that you won’t destroy.
    Looks like we’ll be stocking up on 26″ rims.

  • welcome to the dark side mr watson.
    you may need to swap your rear cog in for a smaller one though, i lost 5 gear inches when i made the switch, so i just when up 3 teeth in my tree-lite 30/13 in 700c to now 33/13 in 26″.

  • Vas

    26″ eh? nice

  • Derek Joseph

  • ditching 700’s? april fools, right?

  • glad to have you aboard.

  • Chris

    Is this an April Fools joke?

  • Sam


  • Andyg

    hub is completely stripped from riding, cant ride until i get money to get a new wheel..really bad formula to i dont even know rim, doesnt look bad but its not even ridable. sorry about the bad pics.

  • …april fools!

  • i could use a solid set of wheels haha.
    making a video takes its toll on wheels for sure.

  • Jamie

    It’d be really funny if this was an April Fools joke, but only revealed after dozens of people go out of their way to showcase their battered wheels

  • Jackson B

    April Fools or are you for real Prolly?

  • sho kosughi

  • Noah

    A few days ago I was riding around the city of Richmond and ran into a wall. I know there really isnt a smooth way to accomplish that, but this was a damn smooth fall and it blows my mind that things turned out the way they did. I was late meeting up with some boys for a ride so after I realized I hadn’t hurt myself I mounted my bike and then i realized this…

  • bike vs truck

  • bike vs truck = hospital + no wheels

  • radam

    Ran off the road by a ups truck.

  • Noah

    just in case those pics dont show up[email protected]/4481366663/[email protected]/4482016588/[email protected]/4481366795/[email protected]/4482016642/

    haha, sorry about the quality, I couldve waited till 3pm to borrow my buddys D300 to take the pics, but i got impatient and used photobooth on my macbook.

  • Michael

    Me vs. Econoline

  • you’ve moved to the dark side! omg, im so stoked! Wonka texted me early this morning and told me about this, hahaa. John!

  • RyanK

    Please tell me this is April Fools! Send me the Rims John!

  • drew leshko

    April Fools!

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    How generous of you to be giving out a set of wheels, on this, the first day of April. You sure were a fool in the past for disliking 26″ wheels!

  • jimjim

    April fools?

    Can I have the wheelset for being right?

  • fugly

    you gotta show us that bruiser on 26’s… ive been thinking of setting mine up with 26 wheelset. show it off, cant wait to see how it looks.

  • sam

    …April fools?

  • fred

    26″ = april fools?

  • algot

    obviously april fools.

    send me the wheels anywhays

  • April fools?

  • E

    April fools

  • erin eby

    i am a pretty small girl…this wheel is shredded and non ride able-


  • Murder

    April fools?

  • digital goatee

    prollys full of it. whats the date again…

  • brooklyn dali

    (hope the img works this time.)

  • sorry charlie

    its april 1st. (*scratches head)

  • jordan

    April Fools Day joke?

  • AprilFools

    I declare Shenanigans!

  • Young gun


  • Dan

    After getting in a hit and run with an inattentive moped diving across a few lanes of traffic. Picture was taken after a helpful cab driver jumped up and down on it for a while, straightening it out a little bit.