Initial Reaction: Answer Rove DJ Stem & ProTAPER® 720 AM Feb 17, 2010

Got awesome package from Answer ( @Answerproducts ) today. Remember the Rove DJ stem I posted about earlier? Well that came, along with a pair of Answer’s new bars, the ProTAPER® 720 AM. Such an improvement over my previous cockpit. The bars feel a lot lighter and they look a lot lighter too. The tapers on these, along with the slight 4° up sweep, makes them look like a 25.4 bar. They’re not though. 31.8 all the way. Paired with the Rove DJ stem’s wide clamp bite, it’s one solid bar / stem combo.

Check out some more shots below.

50mm length. The nice thing about the stem is the actual stem body is thin, allowing even a short stem to maintain a nice proportion on the bike.

61mm wide faceplate, giving it a super stiff bite.

Clean machining too! The stem comes in a pewter finish, with 4 faceplate color options.

I chose black.

Super stoked on this setup. Thanks to the guys at Answer for hooking it up!

Exclusive Look: Answer Rove DJ Stem

  • damn that setup looks so bomb

  • There’s a lot o’ Milwaukee on that Milwaukee! ;p

  • Tyler johnson

    I love the old pro taper bars that I have now. I would definitely be interested in the new ones.

  • I like this setup. it reminds me professional off road or supermoto motorcycles

  • the vertical shallowness of the stem looks very nice, but the stylized technical forms cnc’d into the stem along with the holes in the faceplate are a bit of a turn-off.

  • j

    looks nice! 100000x better than you old setup.