Sammy Black for Heavy Pedal Jan 7, 2010


Man. I’m speechless. This is so rad. According to Heavy Pedal, Sammy Black approached them to put one of his pieces onto a shirt for the blog. The dudes obviously accepted his offer. Who wouldn’t? Looks killer!

Now, who’s got a link to Sammy’s portfolio site?

  • Chris

    yeah go sammy, arizona represent! i’m not sure about his portfolio, but he’s on pretty regularly, i’m sure you could get to it through there.

  • Here is his Myspace Album with some of his work.

    I have to rep my boy.

  • ponyboy

    hell yeah sammy! hvy pdl reppin! heres his myspace with alot of his art on there. he did the flier for our macaframa premiere last year. thanks for puttin sammy out there prolly!

  • Prolly, thanks for the kind words! I ride with The Heavy Pedal dudes. They are my best friends. I do not have a portfolio site or they would’ve posted it up. If you’re ever in Phoenix, AZ be sure to stop by Lux Coffee where my art is on every little thing and I pour a mean cup.