Mission Workshop Vandal: Initial Reaction Jan 15, 2010

Rob and Billy at Mission Workshop hit me up a little while ago when I posted their Vandal backpack. After a few recent emails, they sent me one to test out and offer some PR&D. Usually I wait a while to post a review of a product, but my initial reaction to the bag merits a post. This thing rules; from the branding, to the compartments and even the materials they used for the bag. When I opened the box, the first thing I did was test the expansion factor.

I just bought a frame for a print I have at home and with the bag I was wearing today, I couldn’t find anyway to carry it home, other than tape it under the flap. In a weird twist of fate, I unclipped the Vandal and, holy shit, the strap is elastic! It took this massive, 24″ x 36″ picture frame with ease.

After it passed the initial towing test, I started to dissect the many pockets and features. It’s got more pockets than a pair of raver pants. Hidden compartments, waterproof enclosures, zippered access panels. Everything. Even a grommet in the bottom of the bag in case it becomes water-logged.

Open up!

Overall, my first impression of this bag is that Rob and Billy hit it on the fucking head. Most of us don’t need a massive backpack everyday. We need a backpack that expands when we need it to and compresses down to a manageable size when we’re riding. I’m going to put in some miles with it (which means riding to spots and tossing to the ground) this weekend and hopefully will post a full review shortly.

Seriously though, for a bag that’s made in Americaaaaaaaa, you can’t go wrong here.

Check out more information at the Mission Workshop site and some videos of their Vandal in action, here.

Mission Workshop: Vandal Video
Mission Workshop: Vandal Cargo Backpack

  • jonish

    thanks for the review! been waiting for one of these, really interested in this bag

  • jarred

    how does it compare to the sag mash? trying to decide between them. want lots of pockets and decent size thats not a bottomless pit. i dont like chrome bags because their pockets are too flat to fit anything bulky so i have reservations about the vandal

  • liam

    had one of these for a couple of months and really impressed. had to re-evaluate my packing technique, because yes, bulky things don’t fit that well in the separate pockets. however, 95% of the stuff i carry fits fine, and the others things will fit in the expandable section perfectly, things like milkcrates, slabs, wheelsets. two things which are not the greatest, the adjustable expansion clips in the centre seem a little sticky and lock on to the strap, though may get better with more use, and the very front pocket can get hard to access tools from when the bag is packed out. no trouble in recommending to other riders though, is very comfortable to ride with. i’ve been using the centre section to hold a water bladder camelback thing.

  • Brent

    I got one of these for Christmas and THEN they released the new one with the expandable gusset and organizer pockets. WTF!!!