Tyler Johnson Dec 25, 2009

Tyler Johnson from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Zlog filmed Tyler Johnson this week nailing a hop bar down 6 stairs amongst other things. Rad little edit. Definitely raising the bar!

  • Maple

    so steezy that hop bar is bangin

  • lord lasagna

    eeewwww @ that barspin

  • Hype

    I saw tyler tweeting about this video and I got hyped. The bar spin down the steps could have been cleaner. He should go back and film it smoother. I like the test of the tricks. Is he still on a 26″ front?

  • tyler johnson

    No ive been riding 700c for like 1.5 months now. Its good with the new fork.

  • go back and do it cleaner?? it may not have been the most “stylish” looking barspin, but he did it over 6 stairs…thats incredible enough to make me completely forget about the style of the trick.

  • joe dem

    could have been cleaner?? he just bar hopped a six stair! thats amazing!

  • it deff takes balls to hrow bar spins off higher things to let go with the confidence your wheels not gonna hit ur foot but should of got it a lil cleanerdoesnt look good when ur dick hits the top tube and stem.

  • homohobo

    Pictures always look better then vids in situtions like this. Vonka should do it. That is if he can think he can do it.

  • Terry B

    east meets west

  • lurkoholics anonymous

    ‘he should go back and film it smoother.’ he will do nothing of the sort. you should find who took your brain and replaced it with a honeybaked ham.

  • butcher

    Looks fuckin good to me. Maybe someone needs to show us a “cleaner” one. whos up for it??

  • dj”one man wrecking crew”

    i am,just wait…

  • jnd

    pony the fuck up edward.

  • hahahaa

  • e thugs…lol
    props tyler that shit is scary!

  • james

    wonka sounds like he is slightly jealous and does anyone else find it humorous that he’s telling tyler to be a ‘lilcleaner’?

  • Terry, you are really into this east meets west bullshit aye? A waste of time, always.