Life Needs No Brakes Dec 3, 2009

I know you’ve seen this, but I can’t get enough of reflective clothing. This shirt from Fixie Shirt sends out the call to the urban fixed gear riders worldwide saying “Life Needs No Brakes”. Here’s the description from Fixie Shirt:

Let’s glow in the dark! We want to offer handlebar freaks a possibility to make themselves visible in aggressive urban traffic without having to look like a Christmas tree.
All t-shirts are produced by labels known for their high standards quality of materials and a care for the environment.

Grab one here.

  • krosby krillz and gnash

    “boats need no brake”

  • dalton

    “Bones need no breaks”

    Dang, that’s like a 43$ shirt with current conversion rates…without shipping.

  • lol, is there a different version for England than for the States?

  • It’s a little pricey but it’d be really nice to have a couple for the evening commute.

  • ryedooger

    You can always make a shirt like this yourself with some reflective tape and a razor blade

  • Nick in NOLA

    can i get a bright reflective one that just says NO BRAKES!!! it might be even MORE safe.