Fast Pace Issue 01 Out Now Dec 27, 2009

Fast Pace is a fixed gear zine that’s been slowing gaining steam over the past few months. Andy’s been in touch with me on numerous occasions and he really seems to be enthusiastic about this project. Big ups to him for taking charge and filling a much-needed publication documenting the FGFS scene. Remember, Urban Velo started out on a small scale too. Can’t wait to see where this goes man!

Check out Fast Pace’s blog here and information on how to order an issue here, that is, if your LBS doesn’t have them yet! We need some NYC shops to stock these. HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT.

  • I am actually pretty stoked on this zine. As cliche as it may sound, I am into the DIY quality of it. It reminds me of old skate punk zines.

    With this and a little bit of Big Brother antics, and you are good. Haha.

  • P.S.
    Gus is dope.

  • jkelley

    everyone behind this size is good people!! sd critical pass!! we made it to the media!!

  • hahahahah! fuckn joe!