Open Bicycle – Sean Milnes Nov 17, 2009

Open Bicycle – Sean Milnes from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Yeah boy! This is looking great.

Sean rides for Open in Boston and to kick-off their team, they got their friend from Quarter Productions to shoot this edit.

That’s a pretty big gap man and you nailed it with style. You’ve gotten so smooth in the past few months. Good job man! Come back to Peel anytime!

Sean Milnes for Bootleg Sessions 4
Sean Milnes Pics

  • Damn good edit. Nice job Sean!

  • fuck man. Im prolly gonna be living in boston next year. Im so stoked to see people riding, and with mad style. Ohio, is not the epicenter of FGFS

  • no one

    Seans a good dude, glad to see him get some respect.

  • That nose bonk at the end was so gnarly in person.

  • So nice! Great choice of music as well. Yeah Sean!

  • great job sean.
    i thought u were from new york.
    was this shot with a 7D?

  • Sam

    I really like this kids style. Slick gutter flow. Would be curious to see what he could do wit that bank next to the tennis court in the first part.

  • Thanks for checking it out guys! Sean is a BEAST!

    pedalpiff – it was shot on the 5D MkII

  • thanks everyone for watching and being so kind! ive been eyeing that bank, but it just never happens. i live too far and im there so infrequently that i end up at other spots or whatever. stebs is the man. he shot this shit with my bumbling ass tripping all over the damn place. check out his other videos. and check out my boys over at and thanks again prolly!

  • puckett

    fuck yeah sean! lookin smooth dood. hope we get to ride together again soon.