F*CK Fixed Gears Nov 13, 2009

JP, Dalten, Sean and Cory standing up for the young guns in a nice little web edit called “Fuck”. Bunch of friends riding spots. Dalten’s 3 to fakie in the beginning is great. There’s also a 720 double tap out of a bank and some pretty big gaps. Lotta banks in SoCal. I’m blown away at how good people are getting.

  • corey

    hell yeah finally got on prolly is not probably, my life is complete. ;)

  • jnd

    that song makes me laugh…. if only eazy e could have taken a peek into his future before penning such a tragically comical song

  • Corey, that 720 double tap was nice!


  • scissorneck

    whos the black girl??

  • Jake Ricker

    One of those kids looks like a little Justin Av

  • aj

    when bmx kids go fixed…

  • sean

    I’m not a black girl, just your average black guy with blonde hair.

  • grizz

    good job guys.
    you know long beach loves you.