Drew Leshko Nov 14, 2009

picture by Jesse Johnston

Drew Leshko in LOVE park with a nice nose-pivot, one handed slider to hand-off for Leader bikes. Nice sequence shot man! The LOVE sign and the Leader gusset make for an interesting relationship.

Drew, you gotta come up to NYC for the Revival premiere! It’s been a while man!

  • Danny

    I like that sequence shot, reminds me of a skate ad. its only a matter of time before the Leader L (logo) makes it into the LOVE sign, via photoshop.

  • t-bone

    is the relationship between love and the gusset, love and hate?

  • drew leshko

    revival premier for sure, hopefully before then. you love my gusset. Someone asked me if its for holding sandwiches. seriously.

  • Saw the revival last night… it’s fucking awesome.

  • domoredirt

    nose pivy onhandedslider passer onner lander.
    sounds like a rollerblade trick. not to hate but that don’t work killa.

  • Jesse Johnston

    Drew was killin’ it in the park !!!