Bomb the Bay Bridge Nov 22, 2009

The Worst Preview Trailer – Track Bike Over the Bay Bridge from Stu Barnes on Vimeo.

Robert sent me this video yesterday and even though it’s already been up on a few blogs, it’s worth the repost. The shots over the bridge are great. It’s hard to tell how fast the rider’s going because he’s probably pushing a big ratio but the lighting and the city in the background are really beautiful.

  • ur a n8

    It’s a 5 lane highway. Demarco is the man for that shit!

  • tom

    If you’ve ever driven over the bay bridge this seems wild

  • are you fuckin serious? Demarco is insane.

    Can’t say I’m surprised he was the rider to do it though, haha. He’s got stones for this one.

  • Also, a note. The bridge was closed for a renovation when he did this. A lot of bad comments came through saying he’s endangering the drivers of the bridge…

    people always find something to complain about.

  • dontcoast

    woulda been an incredible with cars too!

    gotta love highway riding with good views- the bay really’s got that

    makes me want to hit the very beginning of Hwy 1 in pacifica again1 (technically closed to bikes) fucken’ incredible bomb with amazing views