Bike Check: Tom LaMarche Nov 8, 2009

Last night Tom asked me to take some pictures of his Charge Scissor.

Full bike check spec information is below:

Frame: Charge Scissor size small
Fork: Charge Scissor
Headset: Chris King
Stem: Thomson Elite 70mm 0° rise
Bars: Answer Pro Taper 2″ rise, uncut Delco style
Grips: ODI Longneck
Cranks: Profile Race 165mm
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Foot Retention: Hold Fast FRS
Chainring / Sprocket: Tree Lite 42t 16t Profile cog
Chain: Charge Masher 1/2 link
Seatpost: Charge 27.2
Saddle: Charge Buckett
Rims: Velocity Chukker 36h Black
Hubs: Profile Fixed 36h fix/fix
Spokes: DT Swiss laced 3x
Tires: Continental Contacts 47c

Charge’s description of the Scissor:

The Scissor frame and fork has been born from the demand for a tough fixed gear bike for the likes of team riders Super Ted and Tom La Marche to thrash around their respective city landscapes. The frame is constructed from butted Tange Prestige cromoly, is much lighter than the Plug and has a longer cockpit, steeper head angle, lower stand-over height and slightly higher BB.

The bike seems to be fitting Tom quite well. Here’s a recent picture of Wonka and him hitting a gap last night.

Charge is distributed by BTI in the United States. The Scissor frameset should come in around $450 USD. Talk to your LBS for ordering. They’re available in 2 sizes, Small and Medium.

  • Chris

    How big is a large frame?

  • sace!

  • I love these dudes.

  • joe dem

    can I just get that fork?

  • TheRed

    Sexy. How many teeth on that back cog? im running the tree lite 42t and still shopping around for a good ratio.

  • sam allgood

    when is release date?
    ima buy myself one o these for CHRISTMAS!

  • fork is available separately. Don’t people click on links or read? ha!

    Tom is running 42:16 I run that as well.

  • joe dem

    I decided to click the link after I commented! haha but they don’t recommend for use on any other 700c frames? well I wanted a bruiser fork for my plug anyways! ha!

  • isti

    is that a small size frame Tom has? the top tube and the down tube look awfully close to each other on the head tube, but I suppose it spins huge fat tires OK, which is lovely :-)

  • fahren

    has anyone picked one of these up yet? do you know if the 700x49c tyre tom rides clears the downtube? i.e. barspins?

  • It sure does.

  • k see

    i’ve been riding the scissor fork on my cheapo frame. works like a dream, i don’t see why they don’t recomend it.

  • is the compleat any good

  • Yeah,is the complete Charge Scissor anygood….?

  • Hmmm,a few months ago i bought a complete NS Analog and im all ready having to buy some chuckers to replace the crappy wheel set that came with it..probably should have cut my losses and replaced the whole bike.also the Analog frame set is different to the complete.Wondering if the Scissor has the same sort of floors…