Rip Zinger and Me Oct 7, 2009

picture by Rip Zinger

One of the days that I was healed up enough to ride, Rip Zinger set up a meeting with Nike Japan to do some shooting of me riding throughout Tokyo. I was still injured at the time and wasn’t really feeling like riding, but Rip is a world-renown photographer and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

picture by Rip Zinger

A nice little wallride spot I found. We only got one run in at it though.

picture by Rip Zinger

Traffic was dense in Tokyo. Comparable to NYC.

picture by Rip Zinger

It’s actually legal to ride on the sidewalk there too. Sometimes it’s the only way to get to a spot.

picture by Rip Zinger

Found a nice bank in Shibuya with a pretty steep hip. I got a nice 3 tap off it and a flared out 180 on another bank, a few blocks away.

picture by Rip Zinger, click for full-resolution

This sidewalk made a nice little hip. Perfect for blasting a 180 out of it.

Thanks so much for your time Rip! Come back to NYC and we’ll hang out!

  • james

    fucking damn man. that last 180 is huge. how big was the hip? you must have been flying!

  • It was a sidewalk that moved up a slight grade. Nothing huge, just enough of a hip to scoop up on and yeah, I was going pretty fast.