NYC is Still Rad Oct 6, 2009

With all the videos I post about u-lock beat-downs, bike thieves caught in the act and pedicab throw-downs, I wanted to post something that shows NYC in a playful light. If you ride through the city on any given day, you’ll see a ton of pedestrians hailing cabs. Some step right into the bike lanes, practically taking the whole lane up while they impatiently flail their arm.

What I like to do is drop a high-five on the unsuspecting people. Some people laugh, some get pissed, others sit there un-phased. This video shows a ton of taxi-cab hailing high-fives in action. Love seeing the people’s faces!

  • Getting high fives in the street is the best feeling ever. Especially when the person gets hyped.

  • allender

    that was a great video for sure, thought about doing it a hundred times, or snagging a cigarette from a car window… though that might invoke a different reaction and burned fingers.

  • vonbaker

    haha, that metrocard guy is great!

  • Top score!

  • Dude in a black suit…what a loser…

  • s

    I do this all the time. The range of reactions in the video is exactly the range I’ve encouraged, with the exception of the suit. That’s just pathetic, and hilarious.

  • Ha! Sweet idea.

  • That’s pretty great. Totally with you that it’s nice to hear about people that are smiling in the city.

  • I remember Jason did this when we were in town for BFF 2008, I was so stoked on it! This is the best kind of high five…