Exclusive Look: EAI Gold Medal Pro Chainring Oct 28, 2009

actual finish will be identical to the Gold Medal Pro Cog

Here’s a Prolly is not Probably exclusive look at the new EAI Gold Medal Pro Chainring. Euro Asia has been developing it to be paired with their Gold Medal Pro cog. The ring, cog and a new model v chain will be the ultimate track-racing drive-train.

Handmade in the USA from heat-treated, bearing grade stainless steel with a hardness scale of RoC 45-47, this ring will provide maximum stiffness and strength. To top it off, EAI will be giving it a Ti-Nitride coating that will increase lubricity and hardness by 100%. The ring is being tested by British Cycling at the moment and will be available in 2010.

Available in 46t – 53t in 144bcd only.

The prototype pictured above doesn’t show the actual finish of the ring. The production model will have the same mirror-polished finish as the Gold Medal Pro Cog (pictured below).

Gold Medal Pro Cog

I cannot wait to see the final product. The cogs remain one of the most beautiful modern-day track components to date. Leave it to EAI to develop such an awesome ring. Thanks to Milwaukee for the information!

  • Indication on the price John? I know its gonna be a bit but track rings like these you would only need to buy once…

    So nice!

  • jmb

    Lol @ lubricity and hardness.

  • kyle

    I think they said it’s going to retail for $200.

  • Bike Ninja

    How would this compare to the Sugino Super Zen S3..That thing retails in the $300-$500 range somewhere(I think).

  • Ishadam

    I did not know this chainring has been in the making for so long. I just saw one of these on a bike on Instagram and tried to find out where I could buy one.
    Prolly, do you know where I can purchase one of these, did they ever release?

    • They won’t release them until a crank meets the same standards as the ring. The ring is perfectly round. No cranks on earth match it.

      • Ishadam

        Are you sure they did not release this chainring because a user name einsof on Instagram posted a picture of one on a Bishop about a month ago? 

        • Positive. They have seeded some out to track racers but it’s not available for purchase. I’m friends with guys at EAI…

          • Ishadam

            You’re right, I’ve been obsessing ever since I’ve seen it and been trying to get my hands on one…

  • Ishadam, einsof is my friend and he in fact has one. They had it at the inter bike booth and he was able to buy it