CX on a Bruiser Oct 24, 2009

pic by brunoj

Not many people would consider using a Bruiser as a race bike. It’s definately not intended for the track. What about CX? Chris sure thinks so. He was doing so well in the C class that he stepped it up in the B class. The only guy riding fixed too. Says he finishes mid-pack, but that’s still impressive!

Keep it up Chris!

  • Aren

    this is rad.

  • Ran Woodfin

    I did that a couple weeks ago. I threw on some clipless pedals, and did a semi-cross race with my chukkers and bmx drive train; no brakes. Should have done brakes.

  • Somekid

    Thats awesome, thats why i want a bruiser right there, so i can throuw on some bigger tires and take the ride to the dirt, dirt jumps!!

  • ch

    They let him race without brakes?

  • yeah, I’ve raced without brakes for 2 seasons now so the race director knows that I’m not a total hack.

  • Takes me back a few years..

    26″ tho, the FGMTB phase.

  • alexokp

    someone needs to tell that fucker in the back “no feeding”