Broakland Fixed Hub Disk Adapter Oct 6, 2009

Urban Velo has a post up on the shop Montano Velo‘s bike brand, Broakland. Perfect for a 120mm spaced track bike!

Edit: I completely misread this post. The solution Broakland came up with was to run disk brakes on a 120 spaced track bike. This adapter allows you to do that on a standard track hub.

  • sssssnewman

    hi prolly. how are you?

    anyway, i think that’s actually for abilifying you to put a disc (on the non-drive side) on a fip-flop rear hub or somesuch other kind of ill wizardry that 1% of people will find useful. mindfucking the world one strange part at a time. go broakland!!! ftw!

    your pal, homeslice 9000

  • streets

    John, unless I’m reading it wrong, it says this is to run a disk on a fixed/fixed hub.

  • “If you didn’t know, rear hubs are 135mm, which are too wide for most track bikes, so Broakland took the front hub and added a 10mm adapter to it, allowing you to space a 110 hub to 120. Pretty smart. A really simple solution!”

    What are you smoking John?
    Front hubs are 100mm

    This adapter is for running disc brakes on a track hub for 120mm spaced SS cross bikes with disc tabs.

    This is what I posted over on Urban Velo:

    “This is interesting.. though, I’ve seen them before amongst the cobwebs at a bikeshop I used to work at. They were made a little over a decade ago for BMX use. Before the cassette hub took over, BMX bikes had thread on freewheels, and even occasionally used free/free flipflop hubs. Some of the race frames at that time had disc mounts, and this is what they’d use to adapt the hubs.”

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