Kona Bikes: Discovering Amsterdam By Bike Sep 3, 2009

Konaworld.com made a video about riding a bike in Amsterdam. I gotta admit, it really makes me want to travel back to Holland. Such a great country. Every city is unique and people everywhere ride bikes. Not enough vacation days in the year!

  • 206

    i like how not one of them was wearing helmets.

  • I rode a lot in Amsterdam. Rarely ever saw a helmet. There are hardly any cars and the cars that are in the street are separated by a barricade from the bikes.

  • joe

    Ah, great vid. Thanks.

    I’ve just returned. A friend & I took 1980s 531 6sp race bikes from Brussels to Rotterdam – The Hague – Amsterdam – Breda – Antwerp & back to Brussels.

    Our budget was €50 a day so camped & sofa surfed for the week. We carried a big saddlebag & small bag each. It’s a beautiful thing riding where bikes come no.1.

    Slow cycling FTW!

  • Bender

    Great vid, I’m going for a ride:)

  • Kristian

    Come to Copenhagen then – the most “advanced” bike city according to studies and therefore, everybody bikes!