Selle Italia Turbo Re-Issue Review Aug 12, 2009

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that the Selle Italia Turbo is my favorite saddle. I’ve been through a ton and got tired of destroying vintage classics. Since that realization, I’ve been riding different knock-offs that never quite meet the same standard. Just recently, Selle Italia re-issued the Turbo. I am stoked.

After receiving mine in the mail, I’m equally as excited. Finally. The re-issue is nearly identical to the older model. I can’t find any noticeable differences int he silhouette. The only major difference is that the new Turbo is Vegan-friendly. Which may or may not be your thing…

Unlike the re-issue of the Concor, the re-issued Turbo has impeccable craft. The ride is the same and the general feel of the saddle is identical. I cannot wait to ride this baby all weekend.

Retail should be around $60 – $70

Turbo Re-Up

  • Thomas

    Wait a minute….isn’t the reissue made of synthetic leather this time?

    I read on ben’s cycle that the saddle is “vegan friendly” with a synthetic cover.

  • Yes. It is ‘vegan friendly’… Forgot to mention that. Sorry!

  • kg

    where’d you order it?

  • a

    any word on how much these re-issues will cost?

  • has them in stock. I got this one from Keirin Cycles.

  • cough cough. OPEN has a grip of them in white and black…cough cough

  • dustin

    do you have a site for “OPEN”? bens already sold out!

  • oneangrytoast

    haha thats really cool man.

    i actually DID read that review on the concor u did a while back that you linked to and i just didnt realize it was the concor reissue when i read it at the time.

    im going to just have to keep my eyes pealed for a used one or drop a bill on a NOS one.

    big up keirin cycles! hahaha

  • prolly, in your experience is the Turbo for long rides? as in, 20+ miles. cool. thx.

  • Considering professionals for years rode them during stage races, I’d say they’re fine. I have one on my road bike and 20+ miles is nothing. They’re good saddles.

  • ^^ i meant, is it comfortable for long rides?

  • thanks – i think i’m going to give one a shot. and i’m stoked about it.

  • robert

    This was the only saddle I ever rode that really fit my butt. That there is an affordable reissue rocks my world. The high fashion narrow saddles of the last 10 years or so have cost me a lot of money and sodomized each time.