No Casettes BFF ’09 Entry Aug 23, 2009

NO CASSETTES Bicycle Film Festival Entry from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Fonseca released his entry to the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival. If you wanna see the final production of No Cassettes, it’s for sale here, at his webstore.

  • jonnyneedledick

    chris looks massive on his bike. thats still makes me chuckle , in a good way of course!

  • year?

    wasnt it for the 2009 bff?

  • cj nelson

    im backin cf for life,any haters want some love come my way.sf, for life!!!! 230 on a track bike???? lets talk.haters, get at me…….

  • Chris told me in his email it was for 2008…

  • tired

    funny shit on dis is they aint got no better. same overused ass shit. stupid spins cant hop steps. no cassettes was wack too for all the shit talking fonseca did. always uses clips where da cats dont land there shit. go back to rollerblading hypebeast. cj nelson you rollerblade too?

  • Chris Fonseca

    To Tired

    First of all you don’t know shit, I use clips where people dont land shit is a lie and if you seen the movie you know that there is a section where a guy is jumping/180 stairs all day. I’m sick of this shit and so you know if I find out who this is I’m going to fuck you up. You are all shit talkers, fucking nerds of fixed gears that can’t do shit. I’m not going to be this nice guy anymore, kept talking shit and get fuck up

    Sorry Prolly I’m just sick of these LA/So Cal punks