Gturn Slider Aug 3, 2009

Never seen this one before. It’s gotta be possible to do without taking your foot off your pedal and grabbing your saddle. It’d be a lot cleaner in my opinion if you could just gturn into a slider. Somehow… hah!

  • jonnyneedledick

    yea i dunno its a tough thing to keep your front wheel on the ground while keeping most of your weight way back past your rear axle. i gave it a go today… not so succesfull . but hell nothing is impossible! i still want to see that japanese gent do the nose piviot full cab.
    and i still cant even pivot 180 still! wtf is the deal with that shit it looks so effing basic to all of you tricky shits! haha :D

  • I think taking the foot off and grabbing the saddle makes it look super sick. Obviously this will limit it’s useful applications, but it just looks so damn ballin’!

  • This is dope! Very innovative.

  • reminds me of the front slider miller does in bootleg, and he just leans way back!

    must be the suspenders…

  • Tracko

    Isn’t that called Fish n’ Chips or something!

  • ladytron

    its called the popsicle whip saw some kid teaching it to keo during the LA filming of TRAFIK.

  • These are the tricks I like to see! Keep em coming.

  • xshrimpx

    Thats my boy stan frome GVA bitch!

  • charlie murphy

    The kids nicname is Fish n Chips from BRIMSTONE RIDERS i was chilling at that shoot too. it was way ill to meet, ride and kick it with KEO

  • fish and chips

    Originality in any Freestyle sport is so hard to come by these days, so many things has been done. Very fun trick too.