Kubota Jul 22, 2009

KUBOTA – 2009/07/19 from nb on Vimeo.

26″ wheels on a Starfuckers frame, no foot retention and what the hell was that in the beginning? Looked like a nose pivot cab or something. Kubota’s got moves. Ever try nose-pivots without foot retention? Shit’s hard. I’ve been watching his videos and he’s getting a lot better. Good job man!

  • jonnyneedledick

    damn that guy IS getting good. i still cant even nose piviot my bike that shit is just elusive for some reason. the nose cab must be done! it looks like hes really close. im sure well see a landed one pretty damn quick


  • tylerjohnson

    A lot of japanese people do weird 180s and 360s like that. Almost nollie. Its crazy, but i dont think its a nose pivot.

    I am not into bmx looking bikes at all, but that guy is smooth which is rad, and HEY even he’s not running pegs!

  • That slide-half-barspin rideout at :30 is the business!!

  • ubota

    Thank you for your uploading my vid and commenting on it. I’m so glad that you are checking what we are doing all the time. That make me push even harder.

  • NickBerry

    my hero