HFWido’s Summer Edit Jul 8, 2009

hfwido’s summer weby 09 from hfwido on Vimeo.

Lookin good duder.

I had to turn the music off man. Sorry!

  • dan pinto

    my boyy i love that little fucker hes got delco in him

  • hfwido


  • toms

    damn shits awsome!

  • so he’s sponsored by feetbelts but rocks cages?

  • Clips jeff, clips. Cages are the metal plates on the front of quill-style pedals.



  • kylej

    no se shout?
    not that i care, but i’m increasingly interested in how this sponsorship mess parallels with past skate/bmx development.
    solid riding, solid spots.

  • He left SE to ride for the Take