GOrilla in Paris Full Edit Jul 16, 2009

Gorilla in Paris from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

Here’s the full edit of Wonka in Paris with Gorilla! Wonka hits shit so fast. Epic!

GOrilla in Paris pt.4
GOrilla in Paris pt.3
GOrilla in Paris pt.2
GOrilla in Paris

  • finn z.


  • bigman

    really.really. really. good . edit.

  • hfwido

    That was really dope. The overall feel of the edit was so energetic and lively. I was smiling throughout the majority of this. Good job guys.

  • damn that tune is sick -track id?

  • SandCrab

    Hell yeah!

  • talent

  • dontcoast

    sweetest edit ive seen in a while

    it amazes me how little wonka seems to pedal set…is it just the way its shown in the videos or is it how it really is?

  • Now that’s what I call precision, that’s how you true a wheel! haha! Shit yeah Guthrie! MKE Bike Polo trottin’ the globe!

  • ben

    The video is awesome.

    And I sure wish I had the luxury to toss a $1700 frame to the ground…

  • sashae

    Really quality.

  • Jakerock

    Whats with all the temper tantrums, and the creepy dudes putting the bikes together in the beginning? Bike people are weird man. Calm the f’ck down…
    Give us a smile…