Caspa Essential Mix Jul 12, 2009

Caspa and Rusko have brought a lot of much-needed energy to the dubstep scene over the past few years. They’re no Kode9, Mala, D1, Bar 9, Loefah or even Vex’d but along with Skream, Plastician and others, Caspa and Rusko seem to be changing dubstep’s sound.

Some hate it. I like it. I saw D1 a while back at Dubwar and people weren’t really dancing. It wasn’t emotional in the sense that people wanted to talk to you or dance with you. It was however moving in a very deep and dark way. The bass reverberated the floors and each beat made your chest reverberate. It was a completely new experience for everyone at the time but I don’t see dubstep moving in that direction so much anymore.

When Rusko KILLED Studio B a bit back, it changed the way I looked at dubstep. I can only imagine how people are reacting to Caspa’s newest Essential Mix. Banging shit man. Keep it up!

Caspa’s Ghostly Intro
Deadmau5 & Kaskade ‘I Remember (Caspa Remix)’ (Mau5trap)
Sub Scape ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ (Dub Police)
Emalkay ‘Angie Got Stoned’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Skream ‘Dutch Flowerz (Rusko Remix)’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Mungo’s Hi Fi ‘International Roots Feat. Earl 16 (LD Remix)’ (Dub Police)
Mala ‘Eyes’ (Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘When I Look At You‘ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Trolley Snatcha ‘Scattah’ (Dub Police)
Caspa ‘Riot Powder’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Caspa ‘Table Cloth’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Sub Scape ‘Dominent Species’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Benga ‘Descending’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘Metropolis’ (Dub Police)
Nneka ‘Heartbeat (Chase & Status Just Brought A Guitar Mix)’ (Sony/BMG)
Skream Clap Your Hands‘ (Dub Plate)
The Others ‘Dot 2 Dot’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘I Beat My Robot’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
The Others & N-Type ‘Circuit’ (Dub Plate)
Sub Scape ‘Clear My Throat’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Trolley Snatcha ‘The Future’ (Dub Police)
Rusko ‘Cockney Thug (Caspa’s Sub Soldier Remix)’ (Sub Soldiers)
Benga ‘Mini Moto’ (Tempa Dub Plate)’
LD ‘King Of Kong’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
D1 ‘Pitcher’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)’
La Roux ‘In For The Kill (Skream’z Let’s Get Ravey Remix)’ (Polydor)
Chase & Status ‘Saxone’ (Ram)
Depeche Mode ‘Wrong (Caspa Remix)’ (EMI)
Coki ‘Goblin’ (Ringo)
Sub Scape ‘Wrong Number’ (Dub Police)
Kutz ‘Trash City’ (Dub Plate)
Chase & Status ‘Mad House’ (Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘Louder VIP’ (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa ‘Marmite’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Caspa ‘Terminator’ (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa ‘Terminator (Trolley Snatcher Remix)’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Prodigy ‘Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)’ (Take Me To The Hospital)
TC ‘Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix)’ (D-Style)
Emalkay ‘Explicit’ (Dub Police)
Trolley Snatcher ‘Circles’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Skream ‘Metal Mouth’ (Tempa Dub Plate)
Emalkay ‘Battle Suit’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Prodigy ‘Warriors Dance (Benga Remix)’ (Take Me To The Hospital)
Search & Destroy ‘Day Break’ (Destructive)
Distance ‘Menace’ (Chestplate Dub Plate)
The Others ‘100 Dollar Bills’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa ‘Ready Eddy’ (Sub Soldiers Dub Plate)
Matty G ‘Turf Warz’ (Dub Police Dub Plate)
Caspa Feat. Dynamite MC ‘The Takeover’ (Sub Soldiers / Fabric)
Grand Puba ‘Get It (Caspa’s 80Eighties Remix)’ (Scion / AV Project)
Caspa ‘They Like It Low’ (Dub Plate)
Vista ‘Poupee (J-Kenzo Remix)’ (Dub Plate)
Search & Destroy ‘Blue Mantra’ (Destructive)

You can get the mix here or here.

Rusko Jahova

  • *lady*

    producers like caspa and rusko make dubstep accessible. this has been up for debate for a while now and overall just seems to be their blessing and curse. while they are not like malas, loefahs or dmz’s of the world, i personally feel that they allow room for the listener to “grow” from the anthems heard on the radio, into the more complex, organic sounds that might otherwise not be appreciated by the average listener.
    both caspa and rusko have killed it every time i’ve seen them, and yes, the studio b show brought everything to a whole new level for me. while i prefer the subs to the mids, i can’t help but love them for producing some pretty decent bangers for the bass mosh!
    and yes, that D1 show was another level!

  • eloist

    Thanks for the link John.

    Dubstep is freaking great. I’m a long time DnB head, and I just got into dubstep about a year ago.

    Such a good genre. It reminds me of DnB about 6 years ago. Things are constantly changing and new tracks drop every 5 minutes.

    good stuff!!!

  • ems

    do you know the name of the track _before_ “Caspa’s Ghostly Intro”?

    for some reason the opening track isn’t listed

  • DC

    Do you mean the tune Pete Tong chats over? Its called Cockney Violin.

    Feeling Caspa – Accessible bangers for all the heads!

  • Plus

    I would definatley agree with *lady*’s comments. Caspa & Rusko have forged their own, albeit more accessible, sound which has opened up dubstep to the mainstream. Just like in dnb, metal, whatever, some dubstep fans will hate that but if it brings more people into the genre that means more nights, more tunes and different sounds – ultimately a good thing. And yeah Prolly, it sure gets people up and that’s what I want from a night out – everyone brockin out!

    Coming to dubstep from darkside dnb like DC I do tend towards the heavy rather than the mellow so I am going crazy for this mix – some absolute killer tunes like Trolley Snatcha’s The Future and Coki’s Goblin and of course all the dancefloor slayers like the Nneka and Prodigy remixes.

    And special mention for Cockney Violin, heard this the first night I heard dubstep and I went out and bought it the next day :)

    Mad love for putting this up, good discussion.

  • ems

    i know i’m late here, but thanks to DC for the heads up on ‘Cockney Violin’