NCARB Record Application Due by July 1st Jun 30, 2009


Just a heads up to my Architecture Intern readers. Since no one told me until today, NCARB requires that you register with them before July 1st 2009 (tomorrow). If you do not, then you lose all your hours. ALL OF THEM. It’s called the Six Month Rule. So head here and register. Then pay the $285 or you’re screwed!

  • It’s not just registering but reporting time as well. We call it the procrastinators rule. I thought NY was one of the few states that didn’t require IDP.

  • jeremy

    wow. you just saved 3 years of my very hard work. I owe you one, and chance.

  • nick

    I just spent the past few weekends logging all my hours so that I wouldn’t loose them. That said, as I understand the rule, if you register by tomorrow, you get another year to log hours before the 6 month rule applies to you. Am I misreading this? Also, does anyone else think that the NCARB website is unnecessarily confusing and hard to navigate?

  • Yes. As long as you receive a record number (account number), which you get when you pay $285, you have a year to log your hours. I called and waited in line for an hour to talk to someone today.

    Pain in the ass.

    Nick, I think all architecture-related websites are impossible to navigate!


  • nick

    Props for even getting through to a real human.

    no one in my office has ever succeeded in getting a NCARB rep. on the line. their online contact offerings are also pretty worthless. I guess this is all part of the “process”, huh?

  • dontcoast

    geez, freaking beurocrats. i only know about greenbuilding and not about “architecture” but anybody that harsh that you loose all your hard worked hours if you dont register with then online has a stick upm their wazoo

  • Tim

    Good to see this kind of crap happens elsewhere too. It must be all architecture registration boards across the world that like to make life hard !