JFK All Day Jun 29, 2009

JFK All Day from matt shapiro on Vimeo.

New project coming up outta Portland. Wanna see you hop off that ledge from the 1-handed wheelie at the :40 second mark!

Looking good guys!


    What song is that?

  • its called ” i said hey” by macklemore

  • kylej

    [hater comment about goofball narration]

  • alismom

    awesome riding. Ali liked it so much she let the bathtub overflow watching it. you guys are hot!!!! :-D

  • GRHebard

    good song.
    looks like its from 2 years ago

    i dig

  • tyson

    shapiro what up? its coach tyson from seattle. now i know why i havent seen you at comps. youve been busy.

  • Parker

    you guys from Lake Oswego?
    I think I’ve seen you riding there before