Film-maker Being Filmed May 7, 2009

Fonseca’s Shitty Leftover Footage from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Chris Fonseca just put a lil sumpin sumpin together of himself. Got some smooth style for being such a big dude. Ups man!

  • fonseca killin it!
    i filmed that random dude eating shit hahaha
    that was fucking hilarious!
    felt kinda bad for him haha

  • Carl Lucas

    From one large black man to another he has monstrous amounts of style.

  • jesse g.

    oh my god is that donny hall?

  • Marty

    This dude is sick. What kind of stem is that? I’m looking for something square and boxy like that.

  • Spencer

    Fonseca’s got some sick skill..

    But I was really just looking forward to the face plant at the end. haha.

  • FonsecaFilms

    The Stem is a Nemesis Project

  • Marty

    Thanks. Much appreciated.