Chukker Update Apr 23, 2009

Velocity just informed me that the Chukkers will be available in limited quantities around the end of May. Sorry to say ‘limited’ on a bike blog, but that’s the truth!

I’m sure they’ll go into full-speed production shortly after. Mine’s held up great. No complaints! For what it’s worth, I’m riding Profile hubs laced 4x with butted spokes. The argument with the butted spokes is that the butted ends absorb the shock, not the rim.

Again, wheel lacing arguments are as old as anything in the cycling world, but that paired with 35c and larger tires seems to hold up quit well. I weigh over 200 lbs too.

  • duncan

    I NEED a set of these, my rims are so fucked even with the 38 tires.

  • tdhk

    wants and where will they be availble? I needs! plz….

  • Dayle

    i run 4X on my back

  • How are those cranks doing? They seem like an underrated product… write up?

  • double straps and no clips?

  • zach

    Dude what kind of tires you run.

  • David

    Second Aldone’s comment. What type of straps are those? Odyssey pedals?

  • NonNumericDave

    I’m also a bit curious about the details of those straps? They definitely appear to have some type of Velcro adjustment system.

  • lukemc

    second on the type of straps question
    share you’re strap experience prolly!

  • Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait until June to find out what we’ve been working on!

    The straps are the best things I’ve ever ridden and hand made in Brooklyn NY. REPPPPPPPPPPIN NYC!

  • Nate-or-die

    The rear tire is an Infinity Armadillo skin. Same tires that I ride.