No, Please God No Mar 19, 2009

Sigh. I’m not against the “commercialization” of the genre, but it just doesn’t flow at all. Chase + Status‘ track sounds ill as always; it’s been in numerous mixes and has a nasty break. Snoop’s vocals just sound really weak! They don’t flow with the beats. He might as well have chosen any producer(s)…

Thanks Fixpatrix!

  • space-cliff

    shit is dense.

  • I thought it was produced by Diplo? i was checking it out on mad decent earlier today

    it’s okay… not near as hype as what they are making it out to be

  • doesn’t say diplo or mad decent anywhere on the flier.

    It urks me that they hyphenated “dubstep” – first time I’ve ever seen that.

  • yeah, i was just confused… the post mentions case and status… i cant read.

  • MightyChin

    is a remix? snoop’s vocals aren’t mixed down professionally…