Porsche Museum Feb 3, 2009


Delugan Meissl Associated Architects‘ newest project recently opened in Stuttgart, Germany. When high-end architecture and high-end automobile manufacturers come together, you can expect things of great beauty and engineering. When the automobile maker is Porsche, you can expect nothing less than perfection.


I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Via WorldArchitectureNews.



  • Andrew

    Even though I’m a German car owner several times over I’ve always been more of a Ferrari/Fiat fan than Audi/VW/Porsche. But I must say, having been to the Ferrari factory/museum, it pales in comparison to this.

  • I dunno about this one man, seems a bit too Frank Gehry for me. I grew up near one of his buildings and managed to spend some time in it and it never really seemed to grow on me. Perhaps this was because it was an office/academic building and it needed more functionality than it had. In that this is a museum, it’s definitely more appropriate from a design standpoint, but I’m still just a sucker for the de Stijl house.