MKE S700 Geo Feb 2, 2009

Drew just posted the geometry specs for the MKE S700s on the Bens Blog.





We will be taking pre-orders in 2-3 weeks, full details will be available here shortly.

Sizing: Long top-tubes mean short, stiff stems. So which size is right for you? First, measure your current cockpit (i.e. 54cm top-tube + 110mm stem = 65cm cockpit). The 50cm(S) frame has a 60cm virtual top-tube, so a 50mm stem would get your cockpit @ 65cm.

Keep in mind this frame is designed for 35-90mm stem lengths. It is better to have a shorter seat-tube than a top-tube that is too long.

  • The 50cm is lookin’ sexy. Dumb question, but any idea how much play there is in the drop-outs? I’m really partial to larger rubber, and it looks like I’d rub on the 50. Ah, what the heck, forget I asked. Nice bike.

  • I have clearance for 35c tires maybe 38c.

  • Aren

    are the forks going to be available around the same time?

  • iansmash

    john, what size do you ride and how tall are you?

  • the large. i’m 6’2″ with a 35″ inseam

  • iansmash

    Currently I’m riding a 61cm top tube w/ 62mm stem and I feel like it’s too big

    I have a frame coming in a 55.5tt…hoping it’s going to work out, but I’m afraid it’s a little small…worst comes the worst i sell and get a larger frame again i guess

  • iansmash

    by the way, i’m just a bit smaller than you…about 6’1 w/ 34″ inseam

  • I’m like you (6’2″ with 35.5 inseam) but the large frame seems HUGE to me.
    I currenly ride a Cinelli Vigorelli that is 58×58 cm and also a vintage track frame 60×58, they’re perfect with track drops and a 100-110mm stem.
    Now I ride the Vigorelli with a 60mm stem with 2″ risers, it’s a little bit small but not “that” small, considering that for tricks normally a smaller frame is better.
    Wheelbase of the Vigorelli is 990mm, the vintage frame is even smaller, the Large MKE is 1035mm.
    Maybe I’m wrong but the large frame seems really too LARGE.
    (I’m in Italy so a test ride of the MKE is quite difficult)

  • that’s the issue. You have to not look at this as a track geometry. Negate ETT length and look at the way Milwaukee has specified to fit yourself to these frames.

    Your Vigorelli fit you with a 110 stem.

    58cm + 11cm = 69cm!!!!

    the Milwaukee is:

    63cm + 40cm stem = 67cm!!!!!

    These frames are unlike any other Urban fixed gear. Negate wheel base, because the front wheel on this bike is further forward than your typical wheelbase would be.

    Smaller frames for tricks doesn’t apply to a fixed gear. You NEED proper leg extension and you NEED proper reach. These bikes address BOTH of those issues, just in a new way.

    Don’t get hung up on the ETT length!
    Don’t get hung up on the ETT length!
    Don’t get hung up on the ETT length!
    Don’t get hung up on the ETT length!

    Simply follow Milwaukee’s instructions. Trust us, we’ve worked hard on making a NEW geometry, not just a frame with a big fork!

    My Milwaukee set up is IDENTICAL to my Brooklyn Machine Works. Saddle height, saddle nose to center of bar clamp, leg extension, etc. Imagine riding your current bike [assuming you ARE fit properly on it!] and being able to ride without overlap and being able to barspin with LESS overlap and a 700c wheel!

  • We’re also tweaking the small size a bit. It’s the hardest geometry to fine tune because of the fork, wheel size and overlap. Stay tuned for more updates ok?

    Aldone, we have hopes to making it to Italy soon! Maybe you can test it out then!

  • just curious, what size was your old Surly Steamroller?

  • 59cm Surly Steamroller…

    TT is 58.7 ctc + 110mm Stem = 69.7 cockpit

    check out this image of my BMW + my MKE

    Both of the bike’s dimensions [cockpit, nose of saddle to bar clamp, BB shell center to saddle center, etc] are the exact same.

    If you ride a 58 – 62 bike, the Large will fit you.

    Also, we’re tweaking the geometry a bit [keep in mind, these are prototypes!]

  • Rockburn

    How much for a frameset?