Brooklyn Zoo Feb 23, 2009


A little joke Tony and I talked about doing for the raw steel MKE framesets. Yeah baby I like it raw! Looks like we’re gonna be making sticker packs. So keep tuned!

Thanks for the help Eddie!

  • tdhk

    I was wondering what your thoughts were when you folks revised the frame geos for the MKEs? More specifically the STA . All earlier justifications for the 72 were for better handling (wheelies). How will the the change from 72 to 75 STA alter the frame?
    * I might be able to get one of the protos and was thinking if I should wait for the revised one in May.
    Thanks in advance.

  • iansmash

    shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yea shimmy yay

    i love this haha

  • Big Baby Jesus

    Got these slim pickins on my Charles Dickens, I pack a mac
    to make your back stiffen, flip the script I act different
    The eyeball, keep your distance, warning y’all you don’t listen
    Bitchin over shit you ain’t gettin

  • Soooooo fresh!