No Cassettes Mix Tape Jan 15, 2009

MIXTAPE VOL. 1 NO CASSETTES from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Oh I get it! No cassettes like no freewheels! Very clever. Another track bike project outta SF; Fonseco Films. Nice to see them using local bands. I sense a video explosion next summer. A ton of projects going on over there on the Left coast!

  • and continuing the musical play-on-words… loads of track-bikes, but not a (race)track in sight. like with cassettes. although you do get tracks on a CD. which is what the music was probably recorded on.

    although single-speed riders probably prefer the retro-cool of vinyl.

    vinyl has tracks. but doesn’t fit in a cassette player.

    road racers have cassettes, but do they like vinyl?

    i’ve confused myself.