Forks! Jan 10, 2009

Over the next few months, we’ll be seeing a lot of fixed gear freestyle bikes. So far, the brands leading the, well, charge are Charge bikes, Volume Bikes, Brooklyn Machine Works and soon Milwaukee Bicycle Co. We’re also seeing some experimentation across sees in Japan. The Starfuckers build has been discussed before. What I want to address are the different trick forks available now.


We’ll start with the Starfuckers fork. It’s a throwback to the old BMX / flatland forks. Has enough clearance to barspin a 700c on their frame but I’m not sure whether or not it will barspin on other bike frames. Note the different drop outs for tricks or transportation. I have no idea how to or where to purchase one!


Next up is Volume Bikes. Volume has been making BMX framsets for about 10 years now and recently entered the Fixed Gear marketplace. Their frame, the Cutter is currently being ridden by Tom Mosher of Trick Track / Bootleg Sessions fame. They just released their fork, with a 420mm axle to crown length and 32mm rake. Volumes old fork for the Cutter was 377mm axle to crown with a 36mm rake for comparison. A notable difference in geometry. Not sure of their price.


A similar fork is made by Black Market for rigid 26″ mountain bikes. For comparison, the axle to crown on it is 435mm and a 33mm rake. There are ton of these rigid forks available.


All are around the same size. The unfortunate side effect of riding a rigid MTB fork is the trailing is affected on your bike, resulting in a major change in handling. These forks are around $150 – $200.


If you just want to barspin and aren’t concerned with durability, check out the Kinetic Keirin fork. Urban Velo recently did a write-up on it, but I wouldn’t trust it to hold up as well as a unicrown fork. It’s got 0 rake and a 395mm axel to crown length. Bottom line is, this will barspin any 700c wheel on just about any track bike.


Charge bikes recently acquired Tom La Marche from Brooklyn Machine Works with promise of a new frame production. The frame is top secret and only Super Ted and Tom will be riding them. I don’t have pictures of the frame, but you can see the fork here on hesher fixed gear chick Juliet’s bike. No idea on availability, rake or axle – crown length, but this fork looks like it fits rather well to a 700c wheel. Versus the Volume and BLKMRKT forks which has a little too much clearance for my taste.

Edit: Juliet and Andy both corrected me in the comments. The fork Juliet has on her bike is NOT the new Charge fork. It’s the Nozzle. Thanks guys!


Last but not least is the new Milwaukee Bicycle Co‘s fork. It’s been a long process, but ever since Milwaukee asked me to ride for them last year, they’ve been great with product design and have allowed me to give them feedback on a few products. This year before Interbike, Drew and I began designing a trick frame. It’s still in production and will be released soon so details to follow, but I’ve been riding their fork for a few weeks now on my Gangsta track and it’s a hell of a beast.


I Haven’t ridden the other forks I’ve reviewed here, so my opinion is biased, but this fork is designed for the MKE bike’s 74.5 HTA so the trailing did affect my Gangsta track. The Axel – crown length is 400mm and the rake is 32mm. The fork will also be available with 990 brake mounts, which are removable and will sport MKE’s signature Stein. Price? Not sure either.

I hope this answers some of the many questions I receive from readers about what’s available for tricks. All of these forks are designed for trick riding. I didn’t review every product and I obviously left out 650c front wheels but some people are riding 26″ / 650cs with the longer axle – crown forks

  • Great write up John! I got my whip together (volume cutter) its holding up quite nicely, i haven’t purchased their for but I am riding a unicrown. Check it out :

  • Interesting, no mention of the Gangsta fork?

    It’s sick that so many companies are making equipment for us, it’s amazing how quickly it’s all happened.

    There’s a pretty extensive list of barspin solutions in this thread too:

    Good post!

  • Yeah, it was more about the new products available. BMW has also said now that their forks are not for tricks. Numerous people have broken them and I’d feel better about reviewing products that are intended to be used for tricks like that.

    The BMW forks have a weakness and until they fix it, I don’t anticipate them holding up to the trick riding people are doing today. That being said, the Gangsta fork is the ONLY fork that comes with the frame from BMW. All their other bikes use second-party forks. It’s not out of the question to order a frame from them and use a different fork. Which is what I’m doing now and what Andy T. has done above.

  • Lucca ZERAY

    what about se’s landing gear it loks badass too

  • allen

    I am really curious about this new MKEframe and fork you have been working on, 400 a-c?, wow! I am eagerly anticipating the MKE and that new frame that SuperTed is supposedly working on with that new Charge fork that you featured. This is progression!

  • what ever happened to people haveing a bike for tricks and another bike to get around

    seems like a better idea then one bike to get around and do tricks on.

    prolly i respect you and everything your doing for the trackscene but id rather se a trackbike on a track or whipping through rush hour traffic with a file box and tube packs getting to the next drop.

    and a bmx doing flat 3’s or hop bars.

    but thats just me

    to each there own i suppose whatever turns your crank.(pun intended)

  • wait till you see Wonkas SB fork!

  • Drew

    Well Done. After breaking my last frame, I bought a Volume Creedence, swapped out all the bits, go for a ride at the Philly Banks and wreck the fork in less than an hour. I expected the fork to fail, but not on the christening. Now i’m waiting for a 26″ Black Market that i’m not thrilled about because of the axle to crown length. I have no interest in the new Volume fork because same of the unnecessary length. Any idea when the release of the MKE fork will be? Days? Months? Years?

  • awesome post prolly!

  • Stiff J. – Why does it “seem” like a “better idea”. Better idea to who? You? I think having a bike that you commute on, alleycat on and do tricks on validates it moreso than a “trick” bike. These aren’t track bikes either. I can repeat that 1000 times. I have a baller-ass track bike that I ride at the track and a fixed gear that I spend all my time on.

    That’s just me though. I also live in a city where it makes sense. Read that Urban Velo article I wrote for a better understanding of where I’m coming from. It’s more backed than all the “get a bmx” lines, which at this point are the songs of the sirens.

  • Allen,

    Yeah, the MKE frame will be a great bike. A steeper HTA will make the cockpit tighter and the relaxed STA will make it easier to wheelie. BMX companies have been “dialing” in the proper HTA since the old flatland heads started doing brakeless nose manuals. Most of them have stuck with the “sweet spot” of 74.5, which works out well for a fixed gear as well since most “track” frames are around 74* – 75* parallel. The relaxed STA will ease off the tight HTA / cockpit and make this bike a fucking beast to ride!

    The fork is the shit. The welds are super clean and it just looks boss. The one thing I don’t like about the volume fork is that it’s very thin. The proportions are a little off IMO. The long axel-crown was a by-product of trying to get lots of clearances for barspins. All of this is a step in the right direction and it’s great that Volume is stepping into it with a great attitude as well!

    I think the Charge and MKE forks will reign supreme since they are designed for a specific frame and not any frame.

  • Prolly:

    i see what your saying like i said to each there own

    ive been riding bmx for about 3 years now and get all my trickin out on that.i love riding my 1984 apollo fixed gear conversion. its a whole different experience.

    dont get me wrong i like seeing the charge crew, nine to fivers and all those guys and gals riding street on fixed gears.

    well enough of me blabbling.
    shred fast.


  • No worries man. The “get a bmx” line is just really tiring to hear. I understand your perspective though!

  • Just for the record. The Charge fork you have pictured is not the fork that will go on the new frame and fork :) I have seen images of the new F+F and it looks sick!! SuperTed and Charge have been working on this project for a while now and I believe that Tom and Ted’s frame will be arriving early this week @ fixedgearlondon… as soon as they do. I’m gonna post some pics!!

    P.s. FGLDN have been working on a frame and fork with “14 bike co” which will be released at the trade show we are attending in Frankfurt ( This year is gonna be a busy one…

    Keep up the good work John!!




  • Yeah, the orange Charge fork on my bike is the Nozzle, not the new fork. I’ve seen a pic of Ted and Tom’s new bike and the fork is more tapered plus it doesnt have the brake bosses. Should be lighter too.

  • yeah that’s what Andy and Tom both told me. It sounds like the MKE and the Charge bike are going to be very similar. I think the main difference will be the HTA / Cockpit.

    Can’t wait to see these new bikes in action. Be nice to Tom and Tony while they’re over there!

  • allen

    I’m ready for a new frame. When are the MKE and Charge goin to be avail?

    thanks for the info on the HTA/cockpit.


  • There are still a few minor amends to be made on the new Charge Frame and Fork discussed above. If everything goes to plan I hope the new Charge Scissor Frame and Fork may be the shops by October 2009. Looking forward to seeing the MKE.


  • im excited for the charge f+f . but i’ll be more excited when its available in the states. it looks like a nice ride that i hope some of us will get to actually ride.

  • Rotharpunc

    Whens the MKE coming out?

  • Davehills

    How is it that the Nozzle forks on Juliet’s bike are so short? I have a pair and they are really long. Complete waste of money. Were hers made especially for her, or have they changed the design?

  • dewd

    This helped me out SO much.

  • tyler

    Hi. Does anyone here know a barspin-able fork that would fit a mercier kilo tt? (1 inch) Please let me know. thanks

  • Boston

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get a 1″ trick fork? Have they started producing these yet? … any info would be greatly appreciated

  • Jeremy

    Where can i get some dope 1″ trick forks?