Transient Bags Dec 9, 2008


Transient Bags sent me 2 of their hip pouches to test out last week. I rode all weekend with them, a small and a medium and they’re seriously great. I have used other hip pouches before, but they’re always so big and cumbersome. I was looking for smaller ones, but had a hard time finding them. These two sizes are perfect. When I wanna go ride somewhere and I don’t want to carry my bag, the small fits everything I need:

-tire levers
-co2 cartridges
-digital camera
-park multitool [not pictured]

On the small pouch:
Length is roughtly 4 1/2″ at the bottom to a 6 1/2″ top.
Width is about 2″
Depth is about 4 1/2″


On the medium pouch:
Length is 6 1/2″ to a 8 1/2″ taper
Width is about 2″
Depth is about 5 1/2″

I could carry everything above in the medium as well as:

-extra tube
-mini pump
-metric and standard allen key set

The medium has enough room to slide a ulock in the back as well, between the belt loops.

Both of these bags fit more practically for everyday use and I usually just keep the small pouch on during the day. They come in an assortment of colors and are available at their website.

Thanks Transient!

  • Lucy

    Have you seen the Fabric Horse utility belts?
    They have U-lock straps.

  • Yes I have. They’re nicely made and I think they’re pretty rad. They are however, too big and cumbersome for my tastes. The problem I have with the bigger hip bags is they just get in the way. I don’t like something flapping around while I’m riding.

    I’ve also found that a ulock fits fine between my belt and jeans. No need for a holster.

  • hustlejr

    Just got my MINI.

    It can fit all those things you mentioned (multi-tool, co2 pump, cell phone, tire levers, tube) but defintely not the digital camera. Just a heads up for the trigger happy people out there.