In case you’ve never seen these… Dec 18, 2008


Here’s Devotion’s classic Frejus with a Cinelli adjustable stem. Titan also made a similar quill and the idea was that rather than making multiple stem lengths, you just make one that’s adjustable for different rider’s specifications.


Sexy as hell and a bit pricey for NOS and used they fetch upwards of $200 USD. Even though it’s vastly inferior to today’s threadless stems in terms of stiffness, the old school track nuts go bonkers over them.

Eventually they just made varying lengths, as evident in my old Titan bar / stem combo that was on my Higgins.

  • I think nitto missed the boat on ther new adjustable stem. I used to think those old adjustable stems where cool back when putting riser stems on your track bike was sinful. And only nerds used ride flat bars and risers. alas, the game dun changed. I suppose those would be good for… actual velodrome riders? ha. $400 for those NOS nittos? I think i’ll pass.