Concor Returns Nov 25, 2008


When I saw San Marco‘s booth at Interbike, I was stoked beyond anything else. It seems that they are reissuing the Concor. My two favorite saddles of all time are the Selle Italia Turbo and the San Marco Concor. Both saddles fit my big, yet tender rear just right and I have put several through hell.

Because of Kyle’s post on Tracko today, I meandered over to the San Marco site to find that you can now buy one of the new / reissued Concors for € 90.00

Keep in mind these saddles were the “shit” when they were in production and being the “shit” means that the price is premium. I won’t ride one on my beater / trick bike, because I have a cheap knock-off for that [which is holding up great by the way], but I will buy one for my Merckx.

  • your san marco links are broke,

    try this one..

  • Awesome, it’s a more relevant link, but the original worked

    just the San Marco Italian page. It takes a bit longer to load on my machine.

  • that link works now, there was an error last time i did it, maybe im techno-tarded.

  • max

    Hey ,
    this is max from .
    cheers for the write up on the saddle! We have some new concors in, we will give you a good price for that review. e-mail me.
    all the best

  • Max,

    thanks a lot! After the Holiday here I’ll place an order. I also want to grab another Grunge saddle for a new bike coming shortly.

    I’ll be in touch!