Squarebuilt Oct 31, 2008


Handbuilt in Bushwick, Squarebuilt frames have some of NYC’s best messengers riding them. This frame was just built up last night and the owner’s really digging it. Traditional track angles, 74┬░ 74┬░ and a barspinnable front 700c wheel. This frame’s powdercoat is 3m reflective, to keep the rider safe at night.

I rode it at Peel Sessions last night and it’s steeper than my Merckx. Great job Squarebuilt!

thanks to Katy for the pics!

  • Chris

    How did those H plus Son wheels feel/look? I was thinking about getting a set, but I have not heard anything really good about them from people who rode them.

  • They seemed fine. I know a few people who have them and they like them.

  • Thanks for the up Prolly! Its 74/74. And not a wishbone. The HPlus rims have been great. Ive been trying to beat them up. Thanks from Sbuilt HQ!

  • tzusing

    Not for crazy tricking. Perfect for street/ curb jumping…not stairs jumping
    Wait for new 680 gram version or the new 30mm high version to come out for tricking.

  • Cool! I still think a box section welded rim will hold up better than a deep-section rim. Look at what MTB and BMXrs are riding.

    That being said, I would ride the H+Sons on my track bike or a bike that I don’t do tricks on. I see tons of people here in NYC with them. Selling like hot cakes!

  • This has been bothering me since this was posted. What saddle is that? Looks sick on that frame.