Zodiac Engineering: Making Old Shit Look New


Zodiac Engineering: Making Old Shit Look New


I’ve been emailing back and forth with a few companies that I’m just now coming across. One of which is Zodiac Engineering, a small manufacturing house based in Orange, California. While they design and fabricate a full-line of products from BMX hubs to compression caps and even sprockets, the team at Zodiac specializes in revitalizing vintage and beat up BMX stems to new glory. From drilling, to refinishing and even reducing weight by subtraction, Zodiac makes old shit look new again. Check out these above stems. Do you know who made them?

There’s an entire thread on Bike Guide showcasing projects and client’s photos so head over and check it out. For the real good stuff, check out Zodiac’s blog where there are new updates almost daily. I’m digging those sprockets! And yes, they can be ridden with a spline-driver.