Yonder Journal is Going to the Moon!


Looks like the gang at Yonder is going to the moon! Not only are they going bikepacking but they’re reinstating the Corps of Discovery and developing lunar recreation. Who’s ready for some low gravity thrills!


Here’s what they had to say:

“Yonder has long been fascinated with the Moon; its rough and barren terrain, minimal gravity, and celestial solitude manifest an unquenchable desire to explore. It is reassuring to see that a synergy of thought has begun to coalesce around lunar exploration and investigation. What for many had long been viewed as a pipe dream is becoming an actuality.


In eager anticipation of the 2020 launch, Yonder has reached out to our most esteemed contractors and contributors in order to immediately begin preparations for this expedition.


The gravity of this expedition is not to be taken lightly and we have activated our best resources and contractors to develop the itinerary, equipment, and resources essential to successfully completing our mission. While most of these are still in the early stages of development they nonetheless show that development is well underway for our most audacious project yet.”

Head over to Yonder Journal for the full story on what they’re getting themselves into.