Yonder Journal’s Dead Reckoning – Syd 2 Mel Normcore Bicycle Tour

Yonder Journal collaborates with legendary soccer (fútbol) player David Beckham to narrate our most recent Dead Reckoning Campaign; a 10-day Normcore Bike Tour through the Australian In-Back.

Before we get started there are three things you probably don’t know but def need to know about David Beckham:


  1. He’s an avid fan of professional cycling and cyclo-touring.
  2. He’s very good friends with our very own Lachlan Morton, professional racer (Team Jelly Belly-Maxxis) and adventurer (Specialized Seek & Enjoy/Thereabouts).
  3. He’s embarking on a new career as a DJ and Host on BBC Radio 1.


When we learned about the friendship between Lachlan and the Becks somewhere halfway over the Snowy Mountains Divide, it was decided!, Yonder Journal will hire—it was expen$ive and WAY outside our budget but it was so worth it!!!—DJ David Beckham to be our first ever Tour Guide and Narrator. With all the people, places, and things we saw along the way, the Becks has been able to flex his narrative imagery skills like he flexed his footwork against his opponents throughout his storied years on the pitch: with deft skill and unfathomable creativity.


Crewed by a quartet of heavy hitters and lead by the aforementioned Aussie legend Lachlan Morton, Dead Reckoning’s Syd 2 Mel Normcore Bike Tour was certain to be a mythic experience. Not to let the cat out of the bag, but we wanted to give you a little taste of a few things way we may or may not have experienced en route: Heavy Surf, Rampant Koalas, Hordes of Kangaroos, Ute Musters, B&S balls, Jamberoo, Hours of Cricket, Dead Wombats, Hungry Saltwater Crocs, Historic Sites, Rundown Motels, Small Town Dance Parties, Bogan Festivals, Bunyips, Drop Bears, Haunted Huts, Venomous Snakes, International Parmis, Savory Pies, Carlton Drafts, Road Melting Heat, Freezing Rain, Van Wizards, Party Shirts, Missed Trains, Local Track Racing, Scenic Country Roads, Un-scenic Highways, Salt Baths, Tranquil Streams, Sneaky 17s and more.


We hope you will join DJ David Beckham and Dead Reckoning in the days to come as he takes you through one unbelievable day after another as we ride SYD 2 MEL!!! Stay tuned to yonderjournal.com for the entire adventure.