What is Wrong with Australian Officials?


What is Wrong with Australian Officials?

Photo by Simon MacMichael

I feel like Walter in the Big Lebowski where he yells, “has the whole world gone crazy?! am I the only one are here who gives a shit about the rules?!”. As if there isn’t other shit the officials in Australia could be worrying about, they’ve decided to thwart local bike shops from selling hot fixies without brakes by fining them 1.1 million dollars. What?! So let me get this straight, it’s the manufacturers responsibility, if they sell a complete bike for the street to equip it with brakes. Don’t be mistaken, track bikes can come brakeless, but ‘fixies’ need a front and / or rear brake. So rather than enforcing it with the big companies, they are cracking down on the shops.

I understand their concern but why not have the riders sign a waver? Or just mark it zero.