Well Used: Rapha Merino Boxers


Well Used: Rapha Merino Boxers


Huh? Wait, what? Yeah, I’ll make this as brief as possible since most of you could care less about what boxers I wear. A couple months ago, I got a package from Rapha in the mail. I opened it to find a pair of their Merino ‘undershorts’. At first, I laughed, thinking “oh god, what have they done”. These weren’t by any means my first pair of Merino wool boxers. I’ve been wearing Icebreakers boxers for years and am quite fond of them over cotton, especially in the winter months. The Rapha Merino Boxers are very different. Marketed towards people who don’t always want to ride their bike in bike shorts or in their kit, these have a built in Cytek short pads chamois to ease that saddle discomfort. Also, the sides are mesh, allowing you to stay cool in even the hottest weather.

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I’ve been wearing these for some time now and will definately file this product under luxury-item. With a pricepoint at $55, it’s somewhere in between good bibs and merino boxers. Quit clever and very comfortable. Maybe they’d make a good gift for someone? I wonder if Bike Snob got himself a pair as well? Seems like perfect BSNYC bait if you ask me.

Thanks for keeping me nuts comfy Rapha!