Well Used: Poler’s Excursion Camera Insert


Well Used: Poler’s Excursion Camera Insert


I’ve used a lot of camera bags and honestly, they each have their own place. For instance, right now I’m using one of F-Stop’s Loki packs. It’s great for a strictly-photo trip, but as I’m packing for the Amgen Tour of California today, I broke out my Poler Excursion camera insert once again.

Why? Because it’s modular! This thing is so clever and even though it’s sold as a set with the Excursion backpack, I’ve used just the insert for over a year.

Check out more below.


The construction is super resilient. I’ve yet to even pop a stitch on it!


… and there are these loops for a bull strap if you ever want to just throw it around your neck. You can even put this insert into a Pelican case or just toss it in a car’s back seat. Here’s a little secret: it also fits in a large pannier! But then you have to make sure your weight is evenly distributed on the bike.


Initially, I didn’t think it would hold “pro” gear. But at the time I used a battery grip. Now, I use just a bare body and am over battery grips. I want my camera to be slimmed down when I’m out all day on the bike, or on a shoot. As you can see, this insert packs a ton of gear (the top spot is for my X-T1 and all the extra batteries I carry with it).

In there now:

-Canon 5Dmkiii
-Canon 70-200 f2.8 L mkii
-Canon 24-70 f2.8 L mkii
-Canon 430 EXII flash
-Mamiya 7ii
-Mamiya 80mm
-Fuji X-T1 (not shown) with the 23mm f1.4
-Fuji 35mm f1.4
-I’ll add my T4 and film into whatever space is left over.

Then, I usually just drop this insert into my Mission Workshop R6 or Outlier backpack. Truth is, it’ll fit in just about any 25-40L bag. I will say that I didn’t really like the fit of the Excursion backpack, but I’m kind of a big dude, so I am particular about strap fit and snugness. Personally, I felt more comfortable using the insert in a backpack I already use on the regular.

Poler, you killed it!

The Excursion insert and backpack (not pictured) is $99 at Polerstuff.