Weiss Watches are Made in Los Angeles


Weiss Watches are Made in Los Angeles


Many would consider a wrist watch a luxury item and by all means, rightfully so, especially in the digital age. For those of us who still wear watches, it’s nice to see domestic production returning to the US in such a niche market. These days, there are millions of options, all of which look great, but when you begin to weed down those with casings made in Taiwan and China, suddenly, you’re looking at an investment.

I don’t know many people who can walk into a luxury boutique and drop thousands of dollars on a Rolex, Heuer or an IWC, but seeing something made in Los Angeles for around a grand isn’t that bad. At all. Especially considering that no one else is manufacturing their stainless casings, sapphire crystals, hands, faces and bands in the USA like Weiss Watch Company is.


Now, movement is another story. You’ve got Swiss-made and Japanese made, aside from Chinese and Taiwanese-manufactured.


Weiss Watch Company is doing something truly unique. Each watch is made in Los Angeles, with Swiss Movement. Their Standard Issue Field Watches are $950 and shipping at the end of July. I had the opportunity to see these in person and was really blown away by the quality. Now, if they’d only make a black casing…


These are all manually wound with 18,000 beats/hour and a 46 hour power reserve. I’ve owned manual watches before and they become part of your daily routine but will last for a lifetime.


As I said, a wrist watch is a luxury item, but my next watch will be a Weiss. They truly stand by the Made in the USA badge and for under a grand, there are very few competitors out there. Now, hup hup on that black casing! Head over to Weiss for any and all queries you may have.