W-base Tube Torture: John Plorry


W-base Tube Torture: John Plorry

W-base Tube Torture: John Plorry from John Prolly on Vimeo.

By now you’ve seen a few of these Tokyo Tube Tortures that Yohei and the W-Base gang have been doing. I got to partake in this rare event on Sunday night and let me tell you, it’s so nerve-wracking. When you use a mountain bike or bmx tube, it’s like having a cat of 9-tails slashing at your skin. The video’s pretty self-explanatory but I’ve added some pictures below showing the setup and aftermath.

Quick-ties, used inner tube and an air-compressor.

Imagine this thing flying at your neck!

After a few beers, it still looked like this. I went back to the hotel and took a shower. When I picked up my clothes, bits of tube were falling out. I actually had particles from the tube in my skin on my neck as well. It took me like 10 minutes to scrub them out.

Pretty good. Thanks guys!

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